Monday, July 11, 2011

Tips & Tricks - Fine Rope

It's time for me to become a c-c-c-combo breaker and end Mikko's chain of posts with this rude interruption. I've been working very intensively with one of my new projects and haven't really had time to post anything at the Spiky. Until now!

Today I'll be sharing a neat trick with you. The trick shall be called as "how to create a fine rope for your miniature project". I'm aware that there are many ways to do rope in 28mm scale, eg. putty-rope, metal wire rope, real thread rope and so on. I find those previously mentioned methods a bit clumsy for my liking and wanted to find out how to do more realistic rope in 28mm scale.

So I went to my storage room and rummaged around to find some old cords to use in my plans. I happened to find an old Amiga 500 mouse that had been blasted open and decided that it would be perfect object for my little project...

Destroyed Amiga mouse.

So, I cut the mouse's wire open and found out that it had this very fine metal wire braiding running through the whole wire. I cut four to five of those strings and twisted them in to one thicker wire. The outcome was just what I had been looking for. This twisted rope has nice texture in its surface and it really looked awesome. You can also easily vary the thickness of the wire by using more or less of the thin strings, what ever is your plan...

Metal wire braiding.

Solid copper wire and two self-made fine ropes.

This string rope holds it form when bent and doesn't unbend.


  1. You guys should post more tips like this =)

  2. We're planning to share more tips & tricks with you in the future! ;)