Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Talking Dog And Mechanical Rabbits (A Collaboration With Ian Miller)

A few weeks ago I contacted  one of my favourite artist of all time mr. Ian Miller. First I just wanted to tell him, that we have this blog and how its gotten its name from Ratspike and stuff, but then I had this idea to ask if we could do this little project together.

I have always thought, that it would be so cool to transform one of those mystical characters from Ians paintings and drawings into miniature form, but have always dropped the idea, because i don't like the idea to touch someone's art without a permission.

So I just dropped the question "How about if we could do this project together, no money involved just passion. You give me the character, I turn it into a miniature. You get the finished piece, I get COOL blog post. What do you say?"

Ian promised me to talk with the dog and ask from the rabbit about it. In between, we (naturally) talked about fog bells and religious cannon balls.
but the answer came few days after.."Sounds like lot of fun! Let's do it!!!"

I guess this blog was convincing enough then..after all i consider it as my portfolio anyway ;)

We started by choosing the character. Fortunately Ian send me many to choose from! All of the chraracters were brilliant (as anyone who is familiar with his work can surely imagine:) But there was one drawing that really caught my eye. It was a drawing about Rat Soldiers advancing in the streets of crumbled city.

Wow! I get to do a Rat character!!!

Ian told me that the rats were concept studies for some craphic novel, but the rats never made it to the cover of the book. It looked like it was time to give them a new chance to shine!

"I'm happy for you to interpret the chosen character as you see fit" "Have a fun filled free fall adventure"

With these words in my mind I rush forwards! More Will Follow!!!


  1. Sounds very intresting .DD Can't wait to see complete sculpt!!! .DD

  2. Cool pic. Reminds me of 'The City' which Ian Miller illustrated. I have something of a love/hate relationship with his work, but this image looks like it will make a very spanky mini. I look forward to seeing it!

  3. You are indeed at the right track there! But that image is there to misslead you guys a bit ;)
    I will reveal more (incuding the chosen image) in the next post however.
    & what comes to mr.Miller's works, true art always arouses our feelings don't you think?

  4. the city is a crack - occasionally up on ebayye - well worth the ride .....

  5. this sounds amazing, cant wait for more!

  6. mr. Miller's works, true art always arouses our feelings don't you think?

    I agree, and mr Miller manages revulsion very well at times! Love the textures in his work though, at the risk of probing, how much do you think you'll leave to the painter and how much will you sculpt on?