Friday, July 06, 2012

Task Force Pherion

For what task? Who is Pherion??


  1. Recoknize the backdrop? - It's the slipcover from the Emperor's Will book. Once again John has thought about everything ;)

    and Wait!!! only one(1) ranged weapon in the retinue? Im going to be seriously outgunned by Kari's group of desperadoes!

  2. That's an unexpected skin colour. I like it, though seems a little OddWorld to me?

    Still, those tattoos are very well sone and the colour on the model really makes it come to life.

    What's next!? What's next!?

    1. Erm... Done, i meant "very well done". *sighs at his dyslexic fingers*

  3. ... Marvelous .DD Your inquisitor project has given me so much inspiration to draw and model again .DDD

  4. Splendid work bro!

    You know, Cassar's posse may get in to trouble if - and when - they run out of ammunition.

  5. The Wretched Whole is what these models and izeColt are. They have blown a hole straight their the celestial plane of my delicate mind. I meant to feature last weeks Sunday Best on izeColt retinue but life aught up to me. With the inclusion of your post here I feel that I was able to redeem myself by featuring all of your posts on Punk Moth itself. Congrats and keep on trucking.

  6. Thank you thousand times! Your Sunday Best is very enjoyable stuff, always pleasure to read;)

  7. These are great, the green on the twins really draws the eye.

  8. Thank you Neil! I wanted to give them something to stand out, something unexpected;)

  9. Whoa, how on earth did I miss this?

    Anyway, fantastic work, okki! Those guys really look like a nasty piece of work!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of Inquisitor will lead this freakshow ;-)