Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Living Coffin

"When a great psyker dies in a battle and the bell of lost souls is tolled on Terra, the soul of the fallen psyker is returned to the immortal Emperor.

However, every hundred years or so, or when the need is dire, that soul is returned back to the earthly husk of the fallen hero.

When that forbidden ritual is completed the mummified body becomes a vessel for the binded soul. That ancient relic is then used to serve the Emperor in the battlefield once more.

These carrions are sometimes mounted to control terrifying beasts created by Adeptus Terra"

5   3     3   5  5 3  3 2 10

Bound Soul - The link between the bound husk and the beast is temperamental. Roll a D6 at the beginning of each turn and on a 1. the beast will stand still doing nothing that turn - A single lightening bolt will shoot out from the Living Coffin in a random direction hitting anything in its path. 2. Move at full speed in a random direction. 3-6 acts normally.

Power Field - Psychic Test - Range - personal - User receives a 3+ invulnerable save.

Lightening Arc - Psychic Test - Range 16" - D4 Strength D6 shots -  roll to hit and wound as normal.

Immune to Psychology - except those with the Pariah gene which cause it Terror.

Never Pinned

+ To be kept in secresy until April under the supervision of Adeptus Terra +

Tears of Isstvan


  1. Veeeery creepy creature. Brrr, wouldn't want to come across him on a dark, moonless light!

    By the by, how did you build him? Do you maybe have some WIP shots we could see, please? :)

  2. Very creepy indeed, and thanks for posting this, as I wanted to see the figure more closely after I spotted it in the battle report.

  3. That is a cool model and an interesting concept. I like how it almost looks like a little throne on the back of the ape, with cables and candles! It sort of reminds me of something that would come out of the pages of Mignola's Hellboy.

  4. Holy crap, I love this conversion!

    Super creepy and super atmospheric.

  5. Amazing, so much atmosphere! The whole Arrke cabal has created such inspiring lunacy. I stand in envious awe.

  6. Great work, on such a great model. The green gunk spill is an effective touch to the base. Really nice!

  7. Another stunning piece, Mikko!

    I remember seeing the picture and inspired you to do this and thinking: "Not sure if he can pull that off..." Well, you did, and it's fabulous! Maybe my favourite part of the model is that it's one of those rare pieces that are equally interesting from the front and the back. And while it's very grimdark and scary, it also has that 50s' SCIENCE!/SciFi-vibe.

    Great work!

  8. This is the most original thing in 40k Mikko.
    I am in total awe of it :-)

    1. Cheers! That means lot to me!! I strive towards originality, cut'n paste has never been my thing =)

  9. Staggering originality.

    Love it.

  10. and mikko has a bionic brain ...

  11. Reminds me of Minion from Megamind:
    Perhaps that was the inspiration...?

    Lovely model nontheless!

    (Though looking at Minion it would have been cool to give him a gauntlet or two to break up the original clawed fiend model a bit...)

  12. Words 'Living coffin' gives me shivers in a good way. Do you mind if I steal this marvelous idea a bit? I'm also building a inq28 posse, and the inspiration you've given me is tremendous. Go masterminds!

  13. Mikko I remember the first time I saw the Living Coffin WIP and thought that is cool. A psychic diving helmet on the Clawed Fiend. Along with the WIP shot was picture of a mummified African solider. A few days later Mikko sent a rear shot and holy hell my socks were blown off. The most original idea I have seen for a miniature.

    Thank you for the effort and your time. It was a pleasure getting to use this beast in a game.

    Spikey Boys I can guarantee that I did not sit at my painting table having these two fight each other like I were an overgrown school boy...honest ;-)

  14. Thank you Peter. This whole Arkke project and the blogsphere where we share our passion with each others has created whole new way of hobby. The golden age of 40k - I feel very exited to be part of all this! So much energy and raw power of creativity in the air! Can't wait to meet you all in September!!

  15. Wonderful stuff as always - The stuff you guys make... its just amazing!

    Thanks alot for sharing it :)



  16. This guy looks like something out of a Hellboy comic.