Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lords of Decay

Here's the first part of Lords of Decay slice for the Chaos Space Marine project that I'm currently working on. I've finished the first squad of Plague Marines and their dedicated transport. Quick and nasty painting style, which is the way I'm starting to come to terms with.

The summoned Plaguebearers were originally a part of my Fantasy Battle Chaos Army (or start of such), but since I'm done with building that particular force, I decided to change their bases to the round ones and include them in this project.

Next I'm planning to add a very small group of Chosen Chaos Space Marines...


  1. Wonderful stuff Kari.
    I am in love with that Rhino. Looks like it's been through all the dirt and grime of the galaxy.


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  3. WOW these are incridibly awesome! Very cool-your style suits this kind of minis very well!

    Cheers, Marc K.

  4. Those Miniatures are Disgusting (in a good way).

  5. And I was waiting for an update on that papa Nurgle-project! These guys look awesome too, Thank you Kari!

  6. Hi Kari, your work is truly inspiring! I keep watching the minis and color scheme, convertions. Its incredible! Thanks for sharing