Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Akvarelli III

Here's my third drawing made with watercolours, white acrylic paint and black ink pen, inspired by the grim and dark Warhammer 40k Universe. This piece is influenced by Jakob Rune Nielsen's servo-skull collector seen in one of mr. Nielsen's 40k wizpimp sketches on his wonderful blog miniaTEXTures. There's some obvious hints from William Shakespeare's play Hamlet too. I won't bother quoting the famous phrase and instead will leave you with the drawing...

(watercolors, white acrylic paint and black ink pen)

The scheme follows the two previous painings. This crook-backed oldster is inspecting his latest finding, wondering in his twisted mind what'd be the perfect price for such a fine piece...


  1. fantastic work!

    I work in the collectables business, and I can assure you, many of my clients look suspiciously like this guy...

  2. Actually I still have to add few words...

    The earlier paintings were trying to mimic the olde Blanche style too much I think.
    But with this one here, it's totally different story! Way more original, way more brilliant!!
    I can see the progress and I like that very much.
    Keep on painting my rat-brother keep on painting!

  3. Very strong image. Thanks for sharing.
    Now I have to complete my servo skull collector soon - which will be sometime in the new year...
    ...and trust me; early next year IS actually really soon in my book.

  4. Thanks guys!

    Atreides, haha :D

    okkiW, well put!

    JRN, looking forward to your collector!