Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The First Confrontation

OK, maybe not yet! The Rat Pack got their tails swinging around their old neighborhood during the Easter holidays. Where else could that end up but in a clash of pints with old friends and discussion regarding miniatures, along with a few rounds of pool and karaoke...

"Show me what you got, punk."

Nicodemvs tries to flank Kul around pint of beer...

Why not to study miniatures in Pubs - Lack of proper lighting.

Korri is demonstrating why pool is known as the sport of strenght...

Time to put toy soldiers on the back seat and start enjoying the beer...


...and Ryyd.

There's nothing more beautiful than grown men singing karaoke, drunk.


  1. That night was such a blast!
    It is always great to meet izeColt and see his miniatures live. Thank you once more rat-bro!

  2. Haha! Good reportage photos there - always good to see gamers in their natural habitat (the pub).