Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year, Old Tricks

So the year changed.

The past month was pretty quiet in the rat nest, humble apologies for that. But we have not been totally jobless! The Punk Moth project has been taking some small steps forward, even though the Caterpillar stage was yet again restarted. After moving to the new flat I realized that the diorama style gaming board wouldn't have a change to fit in my new space. I had to make a hard decision and toss the almost finished plates away, get back to the drawing board and rethink the whole process from the roots.

Well, I can only hope that third time's the charm. After some pondering we decided to make the scenery to stand on their own shaped bases made out of Forex Classic foam PVC sheets. This way every piece can be made look like an individual building (or a ruined part of one) and together they can be used to form a larger structure. We won't either be tied to use the terrain for just this one scenario but can actually re-use them in our future plans too.

For the board I was thinking of Zuzzy's elastic Terra-Flex Gaming Mat. I ordered couple of speciments from them (cheap as they were) to check out the surface detail and the overall quality of the mat. If any of you have any experience of Zuzzy's Terra-Flex mats, please feel free to share your thoughts with the rest of us!


So that is what I've been able to pull together for the Punk Moth project's Caterpillar stage so far. I still need to add some serious amount of junk and other bits to make the ruins look more lively, like if something had really hit them while bombing the planet.

Mikko will be taking a journey to the Caribbean Seas in the end of the month, so I guess it is up to me to keep this blog alive for the next couple of weeks to follow. Speaking of the Caribbean, I have a little announcement to make that has something to do with my next project - but that can wait 'til the next post...

Stay tuned!

- Kari


  1. I own a Zuzzy mat. Love it! For a portable, storable, detailed gaming mat you can't beat it. It's strong and flexible...really would recommend it wholeheartedly.

    1. Many thanks Tim for your thoughts regarding the mat! I'm still waiting for the speciments, so we'll see what they are made of...

  2. You can also make your own gaming mat pretty easily and cheaply, and it rolls right up. There's a great tutorial on the topic here:

    I'm also going to be posting about my experiences making a smaller skirmish-sized mat on my blog soon:

    1. Cheers Mattias for the link! That sure looks like pretty good way to build your own fleximat, though it seems like you need time and room to build one and I lack both of them :D

  3. Looking good mate the roll mats and custom roll mats look like a great

    1. Thanks Neil! I have to say, the more effort I put in to making a scenery, the more I respect the work you've done for the Yggdrassilium project. How the hell did you have time to do all of that?! :D