Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Red Corsair #2 – WIP II

I started painting the second Red Corsair a few days ago. Not much has happened, but I still thought to share some teaser WIP shots with you.

It is funny how you go blind to certain details when you keep working on with a single project for longer period of time. In this case I notice couple of mistakes and oddities just after I had primed the miniature, things that I need to fix before continuing with the painting process. For instance, the waist trim looks very odd because of the lonely spike sticking out of it. I need to rethink it and make some sort of shield in place of the spike, maybe sculpt a small skull motif in there. Also, some of the spikes on this guys shoulder armours look like they've just been glued in the place – yeah, that's true but I wanted the spikes to look like if they were growing out of the armour.


  1. Regarding staring yourself blind on the same miniature, have you tried looking at it through a mirror?

  2. Nicklas, that indeed is a great way to check eg. if the light and shadow is painted "the right way".