Thursday, October 04, 2012

Horns of Apocalypse - "The Fourth"

Whooaaash! Fireball lightened the dark corridor in the northern sector. A man in heavy robes was turned into human torch as he leapt into his doom down from catwalk fifty feet above, to be crushed by metal wreckage in ground.  The assassin watched the man go down, and opened her com-link -

"That was the last one I think lord Pherion"

"Well done my girl" answered the old man "I think you're right, the daemons are gone now. Those cursed Demagogues always put up a tough fight don't they?"

"They all go down in flames in the end"

"Yes they do, there's really no one who can stand against the burning wrath of Emperor, not to mention your flamers my sweet girl"

She seems to be the fourth member of the Task Force Pherion. A quick respond to Kari's wonderful Hagard character. Assassin with two hand flamers, a gun slinger with horns!

Simple sketch with Rotring pencil and W&N inks


  1. Nasty b!tch you have spawned!
    Looks like my scavvies will have to set her in the right place sometimes and show who is the real ruler of the Underhive... =>

  2. Very nice, looking forward to seeing this become 3d.

  3. Glad to see the old man comes across as massively creepy when talking to his minions.

    She looks like she is off to a good start. Really hoping to see what you use to make the hand flamers.


  4. Haha! Im glad you noticed it Peter!
    Pherion sure is creepy as hell in every aspect!

    I will upload some WIP pictures tomorror that are goint to lighten up that flamer issue.