Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Perdition

*Budda Budda Budda Budda*

Jacovy ran as fast as he could. Ricocheting bullets whistled inches away from his winding path, making small dusty clouds around him when hitting the dry stonewall behind his slim silhuette. He tried to cover his face with his free hand while running, but the small splinters and junk flying off the wall did their best in trying to bite his pale skin.

On the far side of the ruin, Sebbi, the robust guardsman of the 15th Regiment, was crouching behind a small hillock no more than fifty yards away from Jacovy, flailing with his hands and spurring for Jacovy to make it in cover alive.

Winded by the sprint that nearly took his life, Jacovy crashed towards the wall next to Sebbi and yelled with a hoarse voice: "What the fug is that thing?"

"I have no idea!", yelled Sebbi back, "But what ever it is, it will tear our beloved flesh in to the pieces if we stay here for a sec longer!"

"I... might have an idea!", yelled Jacovy between the short bursts of rugged gunfire.


Jacovy drew a big breath and yelled as hard as he could: "I HAVE AN IDEA!"

"Please, Jac, share it with the rest of us alive!", Sebbi yelled back with a dark ironic glint in his eyes.

Jacovy paused for a brief moment and continued: "I still have my issue of frags and smoke! If you'll try and pull that thing's fire at you, I migh have a shot!"

"No fugging way man! No way! I won't let that thing pierce my precious skullcappe just so that you could have a shot!"

"Trust me! When the thing is realoading, run for it and make yourself seen! I know where it is shooting at us from!"

Sebbi gave a piercing stare to Jacovy and murmured with a sour tone in his voice "If you say so..."

For a moment it felt like the stentorian pounding would never cease. Smashing bullets ate the wall around them like small greedy flies. Pieces of concrete fell off the wall and rained on their hunched backs.

*Clack Clack Clack*

Jacovy heard a familiar noise of hammer hitting the null. That was the sign for both of them...

+ Hagard & The Færwyrd +

Will the two buddies be able to escape the wrath of the Færwyrd, we might never know. But this I tell you, Hagard is now finished and is parading the best he can.

The result is very much ispired by the conversions made by John Blanche, PDH, JRN and Migsula. I believe I would have never started working on this thing if it had not been the awesome work these guys have done with their Lords. The mini is maybe one of the simplest yet most versatile creation that the design studio has made so far. Really lovely piece to work with.

This time I also put some more effort for the actual photoshooting. The idea for the black reflecting surface came from Tammy of Tear's of Envy (cheers!). The black shiny surface gives a touch of class for the work. I also decided to add some flavour to the background by dropping a small dark box on the back. It brings a nice element of scale and also works as a mood bringer.


  1. Great work once again!
    Waiting for new model and for some more stories =D

  2. Very nice. All the right kinds of grotesque. Did you varnish the purity seals? Somehow, they really pop, as well as look properly waxy.

    1. Thanks phiq! Yes, I did varnish the purity seals. I also used red ink to boost the red colour in them.

  3. Absolutely fantastic. The story, the miniature, the great photos. Just what I needed this morning.


  4. This is great , the I symbol works very well,
    saw your other i blokes at warhammer world on saturday , what a treat to see them in the RL ;-) simply stunning.

    1. Glad to hear that you liked them, Neil! :-)

      I hope that some day I get to see your crazy cool constructions in real life too. They really are epic!

  5. Sublime! The side of his face in picture two is incredible.

  6. Ooh, nice shades of red you have there. The converiosn itself is also genius, and this kind of "retro-apocalyptic" paintscheme gives this piece a extra level of character. Great job as always!

  7. Cheers guys! Your kind words just give that extra boost for us to bring the best out of what we do here.

  8. Fantastic sir, even better (dare i say it) than the concept art had me hoping for!

    The metals are my favourite part of this - so grungy and believable.

  9. OK... I loveee his miniature ! Great job !

  10. I love it. Your work has really gone through a "step change" for greatness.

    Looking forward to more.

    1. Glad to hear that you like it. I appreciate your comments very much, migs. Cheers!

  11. Damn I'd have loved to have seen him in the flesh with the rest of the retinue on Saturday. Looks great.

    Did you find him harder to paint since his boss and the rest of the band are away visiting friends?

    The Færwyrd is simply exquisite and the location of the ammo clip works so well.

    Funny thing is I saw a transvestite this morning, at the railway station,with exactly the same hair cut.


    ps Hope Sebbi gets away.

    1. Cheers Peter!

      It was fairly easy to paint Hagard even though rest of the minis are away, if not even more liberating. Getting the base look like the same was the hardest part, I ran out of devlan mud and other paints and had to improvise.


      The odds are pretty bad for Sebbi I'm afraid... ;)