Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day of the Daemons - Travel Preparations

So, the day of the Gamesday & Golden Demon '11 is getting frighteningly close. I'm so excited! I even managed to finish my entry to Golden Demon painting competition in time, even though I had my doubts. Thanks to Mikko for giving me the spirit to go on...

I've just finished packing my backpack, intending to travel light and fast. My trip to England will start tomorrow at 10:38 from Seinäjoki train station, where I'll jump the train to Helsinki and meet Mikko at the Helsinki train station. From there we'll head to the airport by bus, probably catching something to eat before the 3 hour flight.

We're planning to keep a log during the whole event and write down some sort of review on Spikey after we get back, maybe even during our trip, so keep tuned! I'm sure we'll meet many great comrades and have plenty of fun - and maybe couple of pints of beer with our new friends too...

See you there!

- izeColt

Who dares wins...


  1. Crazy!
    Kari's entry for the Competition looks so COOL!!!!

    This trip will be TRIP to be remembered!!!

  2. look forward to it - see you sunday 7 am ......

  3. Maybe see you there then :P ? Have a good one mate!

  4. Cheers mates! Just made it to the train and so the journey begins.

    J.B.: Aye, that sounds like a good plan...
    Dims: Just keep looking for couple of crazy guys with weird accent and you'll probably spot us ;)

  5. Good luck and a lot of fun to you guys - enjoy your trip!

  6. crazy guys with weird accent's - narrows it down to many thousands then .....