Monday, September 19, 2011

Spiky Rat Pack Goes Mordheim

A month ago i started a new job. 'been quite busy in there lately, but what is really worth mentioning is that my new working mates had this cool Warhammer-Gang going on there! Perhaps unsurprisingly im now new member of that "gang"=)

We just started new Mordheim campaing and i actually PAINTED a gang for that campaing! The Gang's called Spiky Rat Pack!

Here's few pic's of that gang (not the whole gang) -

 The Assassin Adept (got killed in the first game) and Thee Rat Ohgr

 Night Runner, Black Skaven (The new Boss Rat called Black Blood Pete ) and a Vermin

Nothing too fancy really but im pretty satisfied, that i actually made it, since i am a sculptor not a painter ;)


  1. Nice rats! Love the rat ogre base. Mordheim is a blast.

  2. This is great! I hope we will be seeing a lot more about Mordheim in the future ;)

  3. I love the warp-light coming out of their eyes.. Really cool.