Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rats Invading UK - PART I

izeColt & okkiW @ Helsinki Airport

FINALLY. There we were, Mikko and I, sitting in the airplane, waiting for our 2-hours-late flight to take off to Gatwick, wondering what an adventure we were about to jump into. We were both silently going through our thoughts, every now and then throwing up in the air sentences like "Can you really believe that we're about to got to visit Nottingham and meet THE fellas?". Yeah, it was quite unbelievable thought about a year ago, but now it was about to become a reality...

After landing to Gatwick we jumped in a tube to London Victoria station, where we took a coach to Nottingham. It was around 2.00 am when we finally arrived to our guest house in Beeston, Nottingham. Getting off my Spanish boots from my sour feet was an unbelievable experience and I felt like I was in heaven when I was finally able to hit my face in the pillow and catch some Zs.


The next day, after ye' good olde English breakfast, we had a meeting with Steve at the Bugman's Bar, where we arrived after an hour of walking. We sat down on the terrace of Bugman's, had refreshments and talked about miniatures in a splendid company. Steve, as we expected, was an avid hobbyist and a down-to-earth top guy with whom you could spend hours and hours talking about miniatures and their inner life. True professional so to speak.

Steve studying Synthia and Captain Gaga.

Citadel Miniatures museum.

Steve was also kind to give us a little tour in the Citadel Miniatures museum where we spent a brief moment collecting our jaws from the ground for time and time again. Annoyance though, the meeting was short-lived as Steve had to get back to his place to finish his Golden Demon entry.

The day was still young and we decided to take a look at the inn Mr. Blanche had recommended to us. Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem it was, the oldest inn in England, founded around 1200s. The place was awesome, full of character, not to even mention the beer which was perfect. We had to be careful though as it was going to be an early wake-up the next day...

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem.


  1. I can't wait to envy more... I mean hear more! ...hear....

  2. Great report so far - looking forward to the next part!