Thursday, May 17, 2012

Old Man WIP I

The postman brought some new bits for me yesterday. I urged to tear the blister open and inspect what would I do with the parts. I have this habit of modelling my projects first with the blue tack so that I can get better picture of how the bits fit together...

Creepy Crypt Ghoul hands will nicely support Old Man's sneaky and chilly grin. Anti-grav chasis might be covered by purity seals or just one big scroll including maintenance instructions for the old machinery etc.


  1. That's a rather creepy yet wonderful model!

    I love the head as a whole, the wild hair and the absurd grin shed boatloads of character. :)

  2. Can't wait to see this ol'dirty bastard painted =D

  3. Cheers Feral and demi_morgana! Mostof the parts are now glued and hopefully I have some time tonight to add details and fill the gaps with the greenstuff...

  4. Congrats on ensuring that your latest Golem and yourself were seen your Sunday Best. Cheers and thanks for sharing such a beautiful yet mortifying model. Cannot wait to see it finished.