Sunday, June 24, 2012

Inquisitor Cassar WIP III

Yeah dudes! I'm on a spree here! Without any doubts I started painting Inquisitor Cassar, trusting my intuition and choosing colours on the fly, being elemental...

Pretty pale colours, have to admit. That was actually my only plan when restricting the palette of colours. Warm red will give a nice contrast to white skin and brown-purplish leather coat.


  1. Good start. I really like the stark zenith highlight on the face and skin.

  2. That face is great. Love the brown of his coat.

  3. Damn that looks so fine.

    We need a close up photo from his left side. I wanna get a better view how that gun is mounted on his shoulder :D

  4. Damn you all...
    Apparently peeps in Finland have way too much spare time ><

  5. He certainly is shaping up to be very distinctive and cool.

    Have you given any thought to where in the universe he conducts his investigations?

  6. Thank you JRN, Dai, Furinji, demi_morgana and Molotov! I appreciate your backup a lot!

    @Furinji: Yes, more shot of mounted gun will be shared when he's ready.

    @ demi: It's the summer and the sunny nights that give us Finns the extra oomph to carry on. When the fall hits our calendars, we're back to our grumpy selves ;)

    @ Molotov: What comes to the background of Inquisitor Cassar, there's not much to tell you, yet. It's cooking still slowly. I'm pretty bad at taking my thoughts out of my messy head and putting them in to words, so it might take a while... Any help is more than welcome, so if you happen to have some great backdrops to give him, please feel free to share them with me :)

  7. The sidelight his skin is great..lovely muted tones too.. so much depth and warmth to the colours