Thursday, June 14, 2012

Punk Moth WIP - The Twinz

The twins are now basecoated & ready for painting. I used the trusty ol' zenithal highlight technique again. I love this style of basecoating, since it shows the direction of the light nicely right from the start.

Basing was done using "JB" method - Baking soda & fine sand. That method leaves the base quite minimal but allows more room for the miniature to "breathe" - my other favorite technique =) (just take a look any of Mr. Blanche's amazing miniatures and you understand what I am talking about) Nicodemus is there for size comparison.


  1. How is the baking soda used? Is it mixed with the glue to make a paste, like it is when making snow, or is it dusted over an area with glue?

  2. The true genius of this conversion lies in the fact that each of the twins looks like a fairly normal guy if seen from the right angle. Only in profile does the horror become obvious... ;-)

    Fantastic, cannot wait to see this painted!

  3. Fiend - soda is used just like the sand, sprigled over glue.

    Scientist - thank you mate!