Monday, April 30, 2012

Flames Of Destruction

Finally I got this one finished!
I was able to sculpt 90% of this one in just two days but after that I faced some serious problems.
The chain that is fixed to the bomb was really hard to pull off nicely.. So there was a delay but I got it right eventually=)

He is Borvs, a former war criminal and a murderer that saw the light of the Emperor and now only seeks to save his immortal soul by committing the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefield.

" My crimes against the Emperor are more horrible than the ones with these heretics that we hunt down, For me, the only way to serve, is to go down in the eternal flames of destruction"

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Inspiration: Human Trophy Skulls

Human skull... An inexhaustible natural resource, a macabre brand of the 40k universe and a never decomposing inspiration. When dwelling the Internet for ideas for my next project I bumped into some nasty looking human skulls collected by Asian head hunting tribes.

Here is a small collection of them...

There they lie, disturbingly staring at you with their hollow eyes, their hosts left them long time ago. I couldn't help but wonder how to implement the creepy feeling and the chills you get from them in some of my future projects....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The First Confrontation

OK, maybe not yet! The Rat Pack got their tails swinging around their old neighborhood during the Easter holidays. Where else could that end up but in a clash of pints with old friends and discussion regarding miniatures, along with a few rounds of pool and karaoke...

"Show me what you got, punk."

Nicodemvs tries to flank Kul around pint of beer...

Why not to study miniatures in Pubs - Lack of proper lighting.

Korri is demonstrating why pool is known as the sport of strenght...

Time to put toy soldiers on the back seat and start enjoying the beer...


...and Ryyd.

There's nothing more beautiful than grown men singing karaoke, drunk.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels

"From mi point of view, I see two barrels pointing at yer head."

+ The Rifleman +

Rogues Malus.

Here's the second personality for my INQ28 band of rogues, The Rifleman. His name is unknown, as is his origin. Few are his words, tone of his voice thick and dark. He is a lunatic of sort, a religious fanatic, protecting the Emperor's word on a strap with his mouth lathering.

He carries out his tasks with an uncompromising efficiency. Maybe he is an ex-militia, his procedures and habits are like those of Imperial Guard? His violent and selfish nature makes him unstable yet very functional tool in the middle of intense fight.

The Rifleman turned out pretty well, if I may say so myself... What I'm especially proud of is the strap of the gun. It was a detail that I decided to add just in the last minute. It gives another nice reference to the drawn picture.....

P.S. Sorry phiq, no scribbling on the shotty. I had to murder many of the darlings to keep things in order and this detail was one of them.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

INQ28 Madness!

For a long time Kari has tried to lure me to create my own =][= warband. For some reason I have always resisted the temptation. Suddenly, when we talked over phone one day, I felt the temptation growing too big and just let go. If Kari's warband is about how the protectors of humanity are willing to face the risks of the Warp to gain powers for they struggle against the enemies of the Immortal Emperor, mine will be study of extremes.....

The theme for this study is going to be Sacrifices - How far the Imperium is ready to go, how many innocent lives it is willing to sacrifice for the sake of the others. Desperation and how it affects the tactics the Inquisitors use in combat. I'm interested in studying the brief and fading moment when the light is gone and the darkness takes place.

The first member of this warband is NICODEMVS "the blind friar". Nicodemvs became the servant of the Imperial cult of Blind Wrath before he was even born. Gene-manipulated to be perfect weapon from the birth. He is the living experimentation of the Inquisition. Born without eyes and his hands replaced by  bionic tentacles. In combat Nicodemvs assaults trough the enemy lines, hacking them into pieces, as the Frenzon injectors in his back pump the combat drugs into this death incarnate. Nicodemvs loves the eternal war!

This was just the beginning, things will get crazier...