Monday, January 19, 2015

Iron Sleet: John Blanche – The Voodoo Forest

Hi ya'll!

Just thought to remind you of our new home Iron Sleet ( Don't miss all the great things happening in there! For instance, yesterday we got a nice set of John Blanche's newest art, The Voodoo Forest, that we had a great honour to publish in our new blog. Check it Out!

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Farawell Spiky Rat Pack?

Many of you good and loyal followers have noticed how the activity of Spiky Rat Pack has been shamelessly quiet for quite some time now. There really is no excuse for this negligence and that's why we sincerely want to apologize this from you. You guys are the reason why we've kept this thing up and running as long as four years! And crazy four years it has been!

The header of this post is a bit scary. We have discussed about Spiky Rat Pack's future numerous times, namely talking about what we should do with the blog in the future. We still love to make distinctive miniatures and love to share our work with you guys, so we still want to keep blogging. But we think the Spiky Rat Pack as it is has came to its end and that's why the header actually is true.

But like all the pests, rats don't die and give up so easily!

Here's the twist! We've had long and interesting discussions with Migsula of Legion of Plastic – whose inspiring work we both admire and appreciate a lot – about putting our forces together to establish new joint blog for our creative projects. It kind of made sense to us all; we all come from Finland, share the same vision regarding the 40k universe and like to explore and widen our artistic nature with great passion. The new blog is now up and running and is know as...


The new blog will be mostly about our beloved 40k universe. We also want to keep sharing our insights regarding the hobby and keep inspiring you guys with numerous different ways, such as nice illustrations, rousing poetry, great stories and fantastic ambient music. There will also be interesting guest contributors every now and then...

We are very excited about this and look forward to keep blogging together with such a great talent as Migs! So if you still wish to see and hear what I and Mikko are about to do in the fields of miniature hobby and the scene around it, follow the link and start following the Iron Sleet. I promise you won't be disappointed!