Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Adding Mobility - APC

Wanted to built APC for my Squat infantry units. I wanted it to look tough & brutal. No unnecessary decorations, just a bulldog delivering the troops into the thick off a fight. At first I struggled hard to find suitable base for the APC. Didn't just wanted to  choose Rhino with some Squat freehands on it's sides. Instead I wanted to create vehicle that was built using GW plastic kits but would still look completely original (pretty much what I did with my dreadnought model earlier)! Phew… Harder than I thought it would be. I was stuck for a long time not been able to find perfect starting point... until GW released their latest goodie… – Space Wolves Stormfang Gunship!

Whoah! It was perfect! no tracks but still sharing the Space Marine design language. I was thrilled, I rushed to get my copy right away, I also got the Rhino kit to go with it, since I wanted my Squat APC to still look little bit like Rhino since, after all my Squat force is still basically Space Marine army.

I started to play the game of mixing with the two kits, I wanted it to have the same access-points and weapon combinations as Rhino had, so I had some sort of plan to follow. At firs it was going to look more like one of those WWII Assault boats at Normandy but quite soon, almost by accident I flipped the whole chassis upside-down and Bam! There it was, totally fresh look that looked nothing like GW had done even tho it was made out of their own kits. I was very happy.

So here it is, the first one of the two Rhinos I still need to build. It actually ended up looking so good that I pretty sure I also need to ad Predator variant to my force in some point. Paint job was very simple - The same blueish-grey basic colour that I have used throughout my whole army. Tactical markings - White stripe for infantry & orange to mark the company (12th company) lots of weathering and simple freehand on the side & there it was. Really hope you like it!