Friday, April 29, 2011

Emperor's Children - The First Six

So, the children carrying plasma gun is now in paint and uniform, ready to complete the first squad of my Emperor's Children warband. Once again I decided to play with the OSL, plasma weapons would otherwice look dull and idle. White horns on the helmet will add another bind with the Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, Azazel (I think I'll change his name when the time is right).

Damn that took long time to finish, close to around one year, but I made it! Now it's time to start designing this group's dedicated Rhino transport vehicle and another band of close combat comrad squad with the chain saw swords. Hopefully it won't take another year for them to finish...

When fitting the plasma gun quy in the group I noticed that one of the old chaps jumped out annoyingly due to his "nurgly" helmet (that three eyed helmet), so I decided to fix the problem with a swift change of helmets.

To add something different I painted this guy's helmet in black instead of pink, bringing his horns out a bit and adding some contrastng vibrance to the overall look of the squad.

And here's the first group shot from the whole warband so far...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Azazel, The Impudent Master Of Skulduggery, Beloved Prince Of Slaanesh

EDIT 26.4.2011
Azazel got some colour to his wings. The white wings got some critisism and I decided to repaint them in black and white pattern. Here's the result...

I published this piece also on the Finnish miniature wargaming forum and instantly got some great feedback, one of them being the critisism for the blank white wings. I took the hint and I must say, the difference is like between night and day! Now Azazel is bound much tighter to his brothers' colour scheme and the wings are much more life-like. Sometimes it's good thing to give the work to others to look at and pick up the hints they give to you, with of course keeping in mind where you're aiming with your work...


Rock and roll brothers, my Emperor's Children Daemon Prince, Azazel, is finally ready! It took me around a month of more and less intensive hobby time to finish him, and must say, I'm quite satisfied with the outcome. I tried couple of new (to me) tricks in here, like dripple effect with hair and gloss varnish, fading cloth freehand etc.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Going For The Kill - Baby Steps Up The Mountain...

Good Night Ladies and Gentlemen!

Here's something for you.

Nothing too fancy..sculpted the pistol hand and the backpack...
Tired..must... sleep......

Friday, April 15, 2011

Talkin´ about Spiky Rat Pack!

Just remembered this painting inside of the Skinny Puppy's Mythmaker album cover by Tom Patchett.

Great painting!
Great album!!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Going For The Kill - Progress

Good evening everyone!

'been working really hard with this one.
I thought it was time to show some pics, to get feedback again.
Still not satisfied with the face, but you know...its the best i can do at the moment really =)