Saturday, April 09, 2011

Going For The Kill - Progress

Good evening everyone!

'been working really hard with this one.
I thought it was time to show some pics, to get feedback again.
Still not satisfied with the face, but you know...its the best i can do at the moment really =)


  1. The face isn't the greatest ever but already is a significant improvement on the previous version so definitely moving in the right direction.

    Regarding the leg, assuming those drill holes are for studs I'd suggest that their placement seems a bit random. I'd have thought even spacing would work better.

    And that's a fearsome hat...

  2. Yeah! i was too hasty, when drilling those holes..nothing that green stuff couldn't fix=)

    The face is so hard to do...aargh! but yes, every time i do new one, its thousand times better than the previous one..
    same goes for everything else too!

    But in the end, i thought that maybe it's better that is just go on and finish this model despite it faults..rather than spendig small eternity redoing things endlessly=)

    and yes, its going to be a killer hat ;)

  3. About sculpting... I feel that after founding this blog with izeColt i have moved in the next level with this hobby. I have found this flame, that burns so bright inside of me!
    Many times, i come home from my day job, tired...but still i roll a ball of green stuff and start sculpting..

    It's like, i want to learn this stuff so bad!!
    But its so rewarding to find new things! im like in this wonderland, where new wonders wait behind every corner!!!

    Lucky that my girlfriend tries to understand my obsession, and even encouracing me, times when im out of hope;)

  4. Well, you're showing a lot of potential in your sculpting. The putty work is clean and the anatomy, while not perfect yet, is well-observed and proportional. It does take a good amount of time to really get to the top level but you're well on your way.

    And if it's firing you up as well then only good things can come of it.

  5. Is it just the camera or have you used a different mix of stuff or something? Maybe it's just my imagination but it looks somehow less shiny or more grey or something :D

    And yes the hat is scary but in a good way.

    I agree with you that blogging really helps to keep your hobby going on. I have noticed the same thing with my own blog too.