Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Going For The Kill! - The Arms


Here's a picture that will hopefully explain where im going with the right arm.
-I had this wicked idea about that laspistol. I wanna make it to look very archaic and ancient. Something like old flintlock pistol mixed with classic laspistol or something like that=)
(the pistol in the picture has nothing to do with that)

And Steve- you are right...i redo the arm when i'm adding the pistol.


  1. Bit of a criticism of the corset and this comes down to one of those little rules of thumb in sculpting. Basically, any clothes that are tight to the skin should have no thickness. The corset has been sculpted over the surface of her midsection and ends up looking chunky. Either the putty needs to be a lot thinner (and that makes it tough to work in the ribbing) or, and this is my normal approach in this situation, I carve away the surface of the section I'm covering to unrealistically thin and then put the clothing over building back up only to roughly where the original surface was. This way the corset will naturally follow the line of the model's anatomy as it would in reality.

  2. So true!

    I think i succeeded better with the legs 'cause i sculpted the boots and the stockins with one go, over thin bulked armature (should have done same with the torso!)
    I'l go back to the corset and see what can i do with it...

  3. Oh god...dess...es.. Now it hit me. Inquisitor Gaga and her jokaero weaponsmith Alejandro...

  4. I intended Alejandro to be Servo Monkey, sort of variant of Servo Skulls. Not sure yet, if i gonna sculpt Alejandro in 32mm...

  5. Yeah I noticed that from your drawings, but I couldn't resist the mental image of Gaga and a jokaero. There's a new old monkey in town...

  6. =)
    I like the new Jokaero weaponsmith! So clad that GW has taken some old creatures from the Rogue Trader back in game<3