Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Creative Agony!!!!!

hi people!

It's been quiet in here for some time now and i felt that it was time to broke the radio silence=)

I have been busy on sculpting new version of the "Captain". Sculpting in "warhammer" scale has proven to be very challencing task! Since this is my first miniature in that scale, i have done lots of mistakes and learned many things the hard way! But hey! i'm still learning new things all the time!

Although...at the moment i'm in this phase with this project where i am about half way there,,, many things has been done but there's still shit loads of things to sculpt!!! I dont know about you guys, but usually with me, when im in the middle of this creative process, i always have this period, where i start to doubt everything i have done so far, then i start to lose my confidence and i really just want to throw the damned work in to the wall!!!

i know this is all just a temporary phase and all i have to do really, is just keep on pushing no matter what...at least it usually helps;)

No pictures yet, just thought to give you this little update....(and whine about at the same time;) But i'l keep fighting! see you next week, when i have something worth showing.....over and out!



  1. My personal experience is that I can get 90% of the work on a miniature in 10% of the total time taken and then the last 10% takes 90% of the time.

    Damne I hate the final stages of sculpting a miniature (have a commission deep into the final stages...).

    Stay strong...

  2. yup thats pretty much how it is for me - both with concepts art and minis - experience has taught mee that this is part of the process band if stuff really does end up poo then destroy and start again at least the process has been one of learning and honing skills .......

  3. Thank you Steve! and nice to have you here=)

    J.B.- I couldn't agree you more! two things i hate when doing art: "Fixing" and "Coverin up" I rather make one clean cut than stab a dozen times with a kitchen knife! (if you know what i mean;)

    Sculpting the face at the moment...damn its killing me! so tiny area..and so important=)...