Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yer Loot, or Yer Life?

Finally it's done! The Renegade "Captain Gaga" is now sculpted and ready for painting.

Sculpting her, was one hell of a emotional rollercoaster really! At first, i had major broblems, in getting the proportions right. I started sculpting the figure four times before getting it anywhere near the right direction. After that, there has been dozens of occasions, when i would have longed to just give up and throw the model outta' nearest window!!

Female figures are probably the hardest ones to get right and i took huge challence when i chose to do Captain Gaga. Eventually, i fought my way trough the hard times and got out as a winner =)

The model is not anywhere near perfect, nor it never tried to be such thing, but looking it now, i must say that i am satisfied with the outcome. I can honestly say, that this was my "babtism of fire" in figure sculpting.

I started with solid idea, i then sketched it properly down before i moved into actual Sculpting of the model. Then i tried to follow that plan and finished the model. When i now compare the original sketch and the newly finished product, i am pretty satisfied with the result.

Anyway, enough with bable, here comes the pictures!!!


  1. This one be a one heck o' a booty! Nice work indeed. I canna wait t' be seein' 't live!

  2. That's amazing! Are you going to bring it to the meeting on saturday? I'd like to see it live too!

  3. Unbelievable. The body is absolute perfection. I have a small problem with the face though. I think it somehow looks a bit..um..fatter than her body. Still.. Unbelievable. I would buy a miniature like that.