Saturday, August 20, 2011

Achtung Achtung!!!

Hell'o my dear friends!

I think i speak for both of us, when i say that we are VERY sorry that Spikey has been so quiet place lately....There are numerous excuses for that, but the point is that we have both been very busy with the hobby also...

So here we see new Synthia WIP- pictures.
(Hair is obviously just a mock-up blue tag)

oh! its just me, getting totally wasted in a bar at the other night ;)


  1. Synthia is looking awesome! The hair mock-up made me think what would she look like if she had a huge punk iroquois instead of that loosely hangig fronthair? It could give her a bit more streamlined pose, don't you think? This is just me, brainstorming ideas!

  2. a hellsinki fellow worth a look from fellow converters - ' legions of plastic ' blog .......

  3. Never met Migsula in person, only saw couple of his projects at RopeCon. His presence at (biggest Warhammer forum in Finnish) faded away just when I restarted my hobby... Didn't even know he had a blog!