Friday, October 21, 2011

Rats Under Lucky Stars

I have this feeling, that i should write down some thoughts from my head...Right now, my brain is in the middle of this whirlwind of creativity and hunger to make something big!

Ok...Spiky Rat Pack has been around for a year or so...In that short time me and Kari have created this amazing blog that now has over 100 followers! that's something i am very proud of!

This blog has opened a gateway for us into so many wonderfull things!
No way a thing like this would have happened fifteen years ago...
Sometimes that big bad internet isn't that bad thing at all, don't you think;)

When we started this blog we thought, that we would do lots of different projects together..well it didn't quite happened,,, nowadays be both do pretty much our own stuff. but I think that we get inspired by each others works all the time. And by having this blog, we are infact having this one big collaboration together.
So this blog is about friendship...and kicking each others butts!

Yeah...I will start my own small Mini Company!
It will be very small, something that i will run as a hobby alongside my dayjob, but the goal is to create small line of  alternative miniatures for sale. So many cool ideas in my mind... i promise you, that Spiky Miniatures will be LOUD & CRAZY something that no other mini's company could ever have guts to do,)

This was just me letting out some "steams",  allowing you to have a quick look inside my head=)

I promise you one thing...Things WILL get more and more crazier here in the near future, so keep following the trail of this pack and invite your friends to do the same....We Are Legion!



  1. Neat. Hope you get it going. Would love to see some figurines you make for sale. Good luck with this.

  2. I'm gonna be one of your first customers!

  3. Cool .DDD Can't wait to buy miniatures from u .)))

  4. Wow! This is amazing news. Well done guys and I can't wait to see what you produce.

  5. Thank you all!
    Envy - Maybe i should ask you to do a proper logo for Spiky Miniatures, once i got everything else ready;)


  7. I think it was just a matter of time for such a talented person to start sculpting for more than just for fun... Spiky Miniatures is Mikko's personal project and one of his greatest ambition. I'm glad that he has guts to do this.

    Spiky Rat Pack, on the other hand, will still stay non-commercial platform for our artistic visions and hobby related stuff. I still hope that Mikko will be sharing his Spiky Miniatures WIP shots on our blog...

    I'll be giving my fullest support for Mikko and his new plans to start producing his own miniature line. I'll be the first on the queue grabbing his stuff! For what I've heard from Mikko's plans, I can assure you that we'll be seeing some insane stuff in the future, probably something we've never before seen in the industry.

    Best of luck, mate!

  8. Thanks Kari! I'l be needing your support with this thing many times in the future=)

    Well said, Spiky Miniatures will be separated from Spiky Rat Pack when the time comes.
    This blog will still be home for all the cool stuff, just like before.

  9. BTW...just got my hands on new The Emperor's Will.
    Book that every J.B. fan should have!
    I highly recommend it, pure Quality!!!

  10. Thats good news! Good luck taking it to the next level.