Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not So Quiet In The Western Front Anymore!


I'v been studying Mr. Millers Art a LOT lately... and what a wonderful art that is! so inspiring and so powerful! If there are some people that (for some reason) are not familiar with Ian's work  I strongly suggest to visit here right away.

OK then we are ready to move to the Rat Soldier sculpt itself...

The sculpt is 40mm tall. I chose little larger scale as this will be display piece, hopefully standing on some mantelpiece later=)

I used ProCreate in this sculpt. Wonderful stuff that seems to have all those good qualities that I was looking for and almost no bad ones! I can recommend this stuff for everyone!

As you know, these are WIPs, so not many details yet and some things may change...but I have made pretty good progress here I think.

Lastly I like to send special thanks to Steve! I showed some early WIP's of the Rat to him and he kindly gave me some pretty good points where to go with this sculpt along some pro tips'n tricks. Steve has helped me before, he had acted as my mentor in my earlier project and so on. So I feel that I really like to thank the Man properly now =)

While fixing the errors from the sculpt, I felt that I realized few major things about sculpting. It was a special moment and I truly hope that you will  see some of this progress in my future work, as I upload new stuff  later.

I have said this thing many times already but I like to say it again - When i sculpt these things here, I feel like exploring this strange and wonderful world full of surprises after every corner! It is not always easy,  frustrading at times..but I try to keep up this positive "I'l nail it next time!" attitude...

So for those who struggle with their sculpting - Dont stress it! Im sure you get it right next time ;)

The Fighting Continues!!



  1. I can see some significant progress in this wonderful piece! Love to see how you're elevating your skills to the next level every time you start a new project.

    Can't wait to see this one finished!

  2. Yes, this looks truly stunning. Keep up the great work and keep posting WIPs!

  3. Marvelous, absolutely amazing sculpt! .D