Sunday, February 05, 2012

Mutie - Some Progress With The Feet

I followed my instincts and decided to rip Mutie from his base and put high heels on him. Here's couple of WIP-shots...

Left foot is almost ready, heel is still waiting for the maker. Not sure if I'll be doing identical right foot or go with the twist and do odd one instead...


  1. This is great. Just wondering though; what head did you use? I can't quite pin it down...

  2. Really like this guy , reminds me of the green man.

  3. phiq, the head is taken from the Empire Flagellant kit. It used to have a beard but I carefully removed it with the hobbyknife. I also added eyeballs in his empty eye sockets.

    Neil101, maybe it's the greenstuff messing with your mind, eh? ;)

  4. Spot on, Neil.