Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rifleman WIP III

Here's a quick overview of the current status of Rifleman.

Please don't mind the gap between his right hand and arm, it'll be sealed with the green stuff after I've painted the rifle. His hands will be covered in dry blood. Also, the rifle's sides will be decorated with bold Latin slogans, something that'll rhyme with death and sorrow (thanks phiq for the idea!).


  1. Gosh, this is amazing .D Great work!

  2. Haha, excellent! Glad to have contributed!

  3. Oh my..!
    Absolutely wonderful so far, looking forward to seeing him finished.

  4. FACE ! stunning work again the stripy legs are rather cool also .

  5. What makes these little toy soldiers that Kari creates so awesome and special?
    Everything we see here is created with love and uncompromising artistic vision.
    If he is not satisfied with one part he just makes it himself.
    Kari truly lives and breathes the Warhammer 40k
    If you look at the concept sketches of these characters here you understand how well Kari has succeeded in turning them into 3d realm. Wonderful job indeed!
    What you see here is combination of perfect understanding about the spirit of =I= , ultra-cool modeling and pro-level painting!!!

    Simply amazing!

    1. You´re my gods guys :)WH40K goes through my childhood till now .. and you put the borders of WH minis a lot farther

    2. Thanks Oleksandr! I have to comp Mikko... Doomed are those who raise themselves on the level of gods - It's no place for mere mortalsand I'd be scared to find myself wandering there...

  6. Well thank you Oleksandr!
    We are no gods but it feels nice that you have been inspired =)