Friday, May 17, 2013

Slow but Steady

It has been pretty challenging to enter into the crafting mode lately due to the hectic life that has been keeping me busy. My new job as a project manager is something that I've been dreamed of ever since I properly entered in the advertising business. It's been immensely rewarding but also very demanding and time-consuming experience so far. The incoming summer also brings the good weather here in Finland so it means more time outside with the family.

Despite these factors I've been able to push the Caterpillar phase forward by putting the brief moments in use. The process is slow but steady...


  1. balancing hobby and life is the real skill..

    your battles are going to look epic!

  2. Wow - Im always amazed with your skills in building and painting stuff!

    Its very impressive!
    And splendid work as always :)



  3. These are gorgeous man, love all the detail you're putting into them.

  4. This is some extremely impressive terrain, especially the weathering.

    The only thing I might come up with in the way of criticism is that the bases seem a bit empty/clean. For mass combat systems like 40K this is sensible, but for Inquisitor, you'd only have to position a few select minis on the terrain anyway.

    1. That be very true. There'll be some replaceable crates and catwalks that will spice the terrain a bit and give an extra cover for character to hide behind. Also I'm adding some foliage on the ground to make it more lifelike.

      If you have any suggestions about the details, please feel free to share them.

    2. With large ruined buildings, I'd expect heaps of rubble, broken girders, etc. (just google a couple of WW2 photos of bombed cities).
      Naturally, that would clutter up the base too much, and as a gamer you will always have to come up with a compromise. Furthermore, you'd really have to model that from the outset, and I wouldn't do that to your beautiful ruins now.

      Maybe you could do some extra rubble heaps with broken and twisted girders sticking out, that can be placed on the ruin bases?

    3. It is the constant battle between the realism and playability when it comes to the scenery... Along with time, money and quality, from which you are usually able to choose only but two. Ruined buildings should have heaps of rubble and broken grinders, but it would be very difficult to make such an terrain look interesting, not to mention how you'd be able to play within such scenery.

      My first go with the modular gaming table fell flat as I had to move in a relative smaller apartment that I used to have. This approach had much more of that WW2 bombed city feel, with layers of scrap, bomb shell craters and stuff like that.

      But your comment gave me an idea which I'll be most certainly develope further... I'm talking about adding inner wrecked walls to the monastery and other buildings. This should make the buildings look more complex and add the much needed extra layer of cover for the characters to dive behind.

    4. You're absolutely right about the trade-off between playability and realism, especially with ruins. So your idea sounds very interesting, looking forward to this.

      PS: I initially misread the second paragraph of you reply above to mean that your new apartment has a WW2 bombed city feel... hope that's not the case ;)

    5. Hah! No, no, my new apartment is cozy and ant-infested little 3-room flat. By WW2 bombed city feel I ment this one.

  5. Thank you very much for your comments!