Sunday, August 11, 2013

Road To Underhive Part IV

Another sunny weekend spent inside...

Whoa! This has been really intense sculpting weekend for me. I feel this little pressure very inspiring friend to work with=) In order to succeed, I must keep pushing no matter what happens -  if I run into problem, instead of just stepping back and thinking too much about it (like I normally do), I must solve it immediately in order to keep things moving. Also by working with two models simultaneously allows me to move on the second model while the first one is curing.

Working this intensely also made me realize that I want to start write my thoughts down more. Steve used to write number of great articles considering sculpting and the scene around it, but since the Spyglass Asylum has been shut down for about two years now, I haven't been able to found anything similar since.

So I guess I could try to do something about that. I don't have the experience like Steve had when he wrote that stuff, but I feel that I might have few things to say nevertheless. For example I could write about different sculpting mediums (GS, ProCreate,Super Sculpey even digital sculpting) and different styles (plastic miniatures compared to resin/metal ones). I think writing about these things would help me to get better artist in the future.

Right now I can't wait what kind of things the future has to offer for me, so you just wait ;)

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