Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Half a Dozen New Evisorators

The times have been quite hectic in the northern nests. I bought a house about two months ago and all the moving and settling down has made my life quite a hassle.

Despite the chaos, I've been able to put my studio up and running, though it is still a pretty rough version of my great vision. I'm currently working with the new lot of Evisorators, six new menaces to be exact...

Believe me or not, this is the biggest bunch of minis that I've ever worked with at the same go. It's all new to me as I've used to paint one mini at the time. This is interesting, challenging and educational process and it really feels like it's pushing my technique forward.

And here's a shot of my current workbench. I'm trying my best to keep everything neat and clean so that every time I have some spare time to give for the hobby I wouldn't have to start it by wasting the first fifteen minutes for cleaning. Minor detail but improves the effectiveness of the use of time.

There are three special pieces giving me company while I'm working over the workbench. When ever I raise my head to stretch my neck or have a though, I see these marvelous things in front of me and get this feel of impetuous push of inspiration that helps me put my best effort to what I'm doing.

- Kari


  1. Sympathy dude, I moved like a month ago and I'm still recovering from the trauma ;)


  2. Can't wait to see the new freaks painted!

    I envy the neat workstation - when I'm in hobbymode my table becomes a birdsnest of sprues and bitz. I'm also quite envious of the view...

  3. Those guys are looking awesome! Do you mind sharing whats parts the are made up of? Im thinkinng dark eldar wytch legs, zombie body? arms Im not sure? Heads im not sure, think I cans spot a flaglents?

    Im with you on keeping teh desk clean, I quite enjoy it now, before I go to bed I put everything away, wash and sort brushs and airbrush, give the table a wipe down and refill the water, it just makes the hobby so much more inviting after a day at work to come back and see a perfectly clean and ready to go desk with all teh equipment and stuff exactly it should be and ready to go.

    1. These are build from vast amount of bits from different kits, but mainly using wyches' legs, zombie bodies, flagellants' and corpse cart driver's heads, (Chaos) Space Marine chainswords as arm-blades and from the Crypt Ghouls kit.