Sunday, October 26, 2014

Red Corsair #2 – WIP I

Four months. Four bloody months since the last time I wrote a posted in here. That is a damn long time and I must apologize for it...

To wrap things up I need to start from this summer. I had just started my well deserved long summer leave – five weeks to be exact – and because it felt that I had lots of time in my hands, we decided to make some small renovations in our apartment. That "small" project prolonged in to three week task and took a lot of juice off me. It was a creative task all right, but physically very stressful, so I decided to take some time off from the hobby and other not so urgent stuff and just take it easy.

Few months later I felt that it was a time to get back in action. But it took me some time to reignite the engine.

When painting the Plague Marines before the off-time I noticed how hard it was to give them my fullest attention. It was fun project to do, tried some new techniques while doing it too. But something was off... I pushed that project forward and finished the whole squad, but I felt kind of left without the much needed umph afterwards! And I knew why – They weren't in true-/art-scale. I believe it's the curse of the true-scaleism; Once you've built and painted one of those, there's really no turning back, is there?

There was a spark, ignition and fire. I decided to continue one of my "side tracks", The Red Corsairs. So I dug in to my bits box and started putting pieces together, finally making a bits sketch based loosely on one of my drawings. Below is the first part of the story of the project presented in the set of WIP shot...

Third or so bits sketch of the renegade Astartes, which I chose for my project.
Adding some weight and bulkiness.
Glueing some studs. For studs I used hair cut off from washing-up brush.

I decided to change the weapon arm to less "aggressive" so that he'd match up better with the pose of the Champion of the Fleet.

Brothers Astartes Malus
Primed and ready to paint!


  1. Welcome back, great to see you working on things that inspire you, and us.

  2. He is aliiiiiiiive !!! :)
    amazing stuff !!!

  3. This is totally stunning. Love it!

  4. It is awesome to have you back! And quite a comeback you have made. This new Corsair is the best true-scale marine I have seen in quite some time (since your last, ha ha), and is just dripping with character. He fits nicely along side your first, unique yet still connected. The powerfist looks great; I think the scale is just right, making it looks lumbering, but not gigantic. I like the flintlock dueling pistol you added, it really accents the piratical nature of him and speaks of a strange warrior code he lives by (reminds me of predator 2, he he). My brother and I tried to capture similar elements when we created a Deathwing terminator's sidearm (

    I cannot wait to see him painted and see what other models are next!

  5. Glad to have you back, buddy!

    The corsair is fantastic. He'll make reat companion piece to corsair # 1!

    Love the eyepatch by the way...

    1. That should be "great companion piece"...

  6. Wow. Just amazing. Can't wait to see it painted. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks guys! Started painting him this evening. WIP shots to follow soon!

  8. You're certainly making a strong return. The mock-up is a nice peek into your process, but one of the most exciting things about the first corsair was to see your corresponding artwork. Will we have a chance to see some drawings as work continues?

    Can't wait to see some paint on him.

  9. Wooohoo, I was starting to worry...but summer is often a very calm period in terms of hobby stuff ;) But this is great because everyone is back at their desks for the 'bad' season, when it's best to spent time inside with a nice mug of tea and great hobby stuff!

    Glad to see you back in action, with such an epic new project!

    Simply amazing in terms of composition (these skulls on his belt plus the flint lock pistol...*drool*).

    I'd also like to say how great the red is on the other dude...I think you hit it spot on, looks grimey and dirty and old and intimidating...just awesome!


  10. Cheers! Bryan, sorry but no artwork for this particular fella, at least not for the moment...

  11. Woah, brilliant conversion. Th small details, like the helmet and skulls on his belt, transform the miniature from a chunk of plastic into a living, breathing , and murdering Character.