Thursday, December 09, 2010

Last Weekend & Weird Visions


My head still eachs from last weekend! izeColt Called me and invited me to have a drink with him. So we had few beers and talked about future projects...and them some more beer & less talk and then some little more =)

So when i woke up in the morning, i felt like Hell for some reason ;) Anyway, as i lingered in the borderline of life and death my imagination was running wildly. In that delirium i saw this following scene inside my head:

"Aaah! This is pointless", "we're never gonna find IT in this damned snow storm!!!"
"Stupid! Can't you remember what Captain told us? It is not our job to find IT, We are here so that IT could find US"
"Well yeah! But I have come to doubt that we have been wandering in this freakin' labyrinth for hours now and soon it is going to be dark and all!"
"IT is called "The wandering beast" after all. Maybe he's not at home?"

"Be quiet yer both!", yelled the Captain. The Captain was big man and renowned for his skills with the sword. He had been leading his mercenary party for years now. This time they were on a mission to bring down a beast, beast that had been causing troubles on the rural areas of the Northern Empire.

Only this time, finding the catch had been a little bit more difficult than usual. The tracks had led them to this labyrinth of razor sharp rock pillars. They had been searching the labyrith for whole day now, but all they had found was a haunting sound of a wind sighing trough the rock pillars.

His men were tired and bored "We have hunted down scums like this before havent we? And we have always found treasures as well right?", asked the captain, in attempt to raise the morale of his men. "RIGHTRIGHT!!", answered the rest of the mercenary party. "Despite, I have sent Crowell ahead already, he is a good scout. He will probably bring us some information soon enou..!"

"Thats Crowell! Beheaded!" Yelled Snarr the Cutter "But the head 's missing!"

"Looking for this?", asked crooked voice that echoed in the walls of the rocky labyrinth. As if appeared from nowhere, a large creature suddenly stood in the front of them. The Creature was tall, muscular and lizard-like. It had pale skin and long tail with spiky, club-like business end. But the most signifigant feature was a large singular eye that stood in the the middle of the creatures brows. The eye was large and it seemed to radiate coldness around it, at least the mercenaries felt the cold shriwelling down their spines, as they answered the creatures penetrating gaze.

"We are looking for you!", answered the captain. "We are here to kill you, so we could bring your one ugly eye to the Mayor of the Razor Peak City".
"You have been raiding the food supply caravans for the whole winter", "and this has been a harsh winter!"
"The people of the Razor Peak City don't want to starve to death this winter!"
"So we came here to put the end to your illegall business, my fiendish friend!"

The creature answered with howling laughter and threw away the head, the one he had severed earlier.

"Very well then... Boys! Kill the beast!", "But watch out that tail!"


  1. First things first. Is the Spitfire-beer any good? I've been meaning to test it :D

  2. Voinko siis alkaa odottamaan dioramaa?

    Hyvää fluffia ja mielenkiintoinen projekti tulossa!

  3. Spitfire is the best!!! We couldn't finish our projects without refreshing pint of Spitfire-Beer!! We also like to thank our following sponsors.....;)

    and Luovahulluus: A Diorama! hmm...maybe it's too much=) It will be single miniature...but there will be snow from that freakin' snow storm!!!;)

  4. If possible, I do like to drink Hobgoblin from Wychwood Brewery. Saku from Estonia is also one of my favorites. Too bad Hobgoblin isn't that common in Finland, at least not in most Pubs. I remember when it was a season special at Pullman and I immediately fell in love with it!

    A diorama someone yelled... Huh! Yeah, like okkW said, maybe it's a bit too much at the moment, but I really would like to make a diorama some day ;)