Sunday, December 12, 2010

Space Pirato "Captain Gaga"

I have always wanted to be an artist of some sort. When about a year ago, i started to sculpt my own miniatures from scratch. I then felt, that it was the turning point for me. I immediately realized that it was the "Thing" for me and my art. It was the perfect medium to turn my visions into life!

First i sculpted couple of miniatures in a Warhammer setting, but i quickly stopped to think, that i didn't wanted to just copy the endless heroes with swords standing over their fallen! i wanted to create something more unique, something that could actualy be called............. an Artistic Vision!!!!!

Then one day,me and izeColt had this very good conversation about Pop Culture in the miniature design scene. It was then, when i realized that was it! That was perfect thing to study in my next project
Combining Pop Culture with miniatures, offers great opportunity to display your mini's to a people who dont have any knowledge about the background of these characters that we are usually modelling and painting. Inspired by the conversation i hurried to start a new project!

I then chose Lady Gaga as a starting point for my next project. Lady Gaga has the most bizarre look and i personally respect her artistic vision, so she was a perfect pick for this project. I wanted to mix Lady Gaga look with qothic Warhammer look. So firstly i thought to make sister of battle with "Gaga" look, but then found this wonderfull character class from The Inquisitor Scetchbook by John Blanche.

My new character was to be a Space Pirato. A warrior that roams the qalaxies of Warhammer 40k robbing and pillaging!

I started by searching pictures of Gaga and then deciding that what features i wanted to bring out.Then i started to sketch the character.

When sketching was done i started to sculpt the model.
I began to sculpt the model about four(!) times before i finally managed to get it right.
I used Super Sculpey Firm for the body subsequent detailing will be made with duro.


  1. First thing I noticed when I opened the last picture: The nose is way too big. It's a nose for a 60-year-old man. Maybe the face could more feminine than it is now.

    Also, I'd like to see the ass a little bit rounder (not bigger, but rounder). Especially in the first view the ass looks a little flat on the top part. Maybe you should do something about the upper back too...

    Other than that everything looks great! I really love the legs and the corset. Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. That's true man! The nose really is too big! I immediately began to work with it and it is already beign reduced half the original size;) That Rear-thingy is matter of a taste really. I like it that way and so does few other people too...well i guess you can't please everybody=) But thanks for the ideas, i really appreciate them.

  3. Lady Gaga + WH40K. It might be hard to believe but I think that's a match made in heaven or something. When I first heard about this in I was amazed and I think that this must be one of the most interesting projects in a... I don't know. Insert some random ridiculously long period of time -> here <-