Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hunted Is The Hunter

Some progress with Mutie Kul mini...

And then some thoughts... Relation between Kul and his skullhopper is quite simple; hopper tracks and hunts enemies, draws their gunfire at it and then Kul pops the hostile heads into gibs with his bolt pistol. This way the one that hunts the hopper will be hunted by the mutie.

Hopper will have a small flag on its shoulders - with a target sign on it - just so that it'd be more desirable and obvious target for the opposing force. This is Kul's sixth hopper... Mutie Kul himself is carrying bolt pistol, some ammunition, frag grenades and a small family coat-of-arms.

I'm quite pleased to the outcome so far, especially in my greenstuffin' "skills" (it has been some time from my last 'putting, you know). Even though I've discarded some of the details seen in the drawing, there is still relative strong bond between the miniature version and the drawn one. Not sure if I'm gonna do those feminine boots for him, after all, they're my favourite part...


  1. Looks very promising, and now after little green stuffing I can see more cleary the bond between this and drawing.

  2. Very interesting. Looking forward to this with paint.

  3. Thank you phiq!

    I'm between two choices now, wether or not to make those lady-like highheels for him. They'd definitely make him look more grotesque and weird, which was kind of my first plan in here ;D