Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rat With The Gun

Finally finished!

This project was so much fun to do! When I first suggested this project to Mr. Miller I had no idea that what would be the answer. I really was afraid that the answer would be that old classic "thanks but no thanks" but no... The answer was "That sounds like a lot of fun, let's do it!" Ian was also very supportive during the whole process, always reminding me to Not to lose my own style I think it was very important to Ian, that I would make my own interpretation rather than just trying to copy any of his characters straightforwardly. That attitude gave me lot of courage to make my own decissions to where to go.

When it comes to communicating with the artist himself, that is a story of its own. Very often the e-mails that Ian sends me, turn into very surrealistic stories, information is often encrypted inside these stories about fog bells, rabbits, dogs or birds! In fact, the little rabbit in the background came to be because of these little side stories... I felt that the composition lacked something and that rabbit fitted there perfectly.

Painting the piece was interesting challence for me, beacause I don't consider myself as painter at all. especially when i get to see Kari's paintings all the time =) In the end, there's nothing special about the paintjob, lots of Citadel washes over Zenithal basecoat. Result is far from being as good as Kari's paintings but I am still satisfied about it. I did learn so much about painting when doing this.

Mr. Miller is also fantastic writer/ poet, so when I finished this piece, I had to ask, if he could write little poem/ backround storie for this piece and he did! The poem also binds this thing together, now it includes input from both artists: making it true collaboration now ;)

One hell of a journey, thank you Ian!

The rat is also in Cmon now. Please vote for the brave rat in the frontline!

Now how on earth I will pack this for shipping...


  1. Gosh, this looks so amazing .DDD Great work!

  2. This model is incredible! I remember seeing your original post on the idea a few months ago. I really enjoyed the poem at the end. Very thought provoking while also humorous. The model looks really cool. I wish that skaven were a bit more like rat-men like your model is. A great concept, beautifully executed, and so well presented. Congrats on a fantastic model.

  3. Thank you thousand times!
    Cameron - I also think that Ian did awesome job with the poem!
    He is the master and a true Artist... I am just dreaming to becoming a one someday;)

  4. It's not the technical purity that counts but the overall feeling that you put into what you do. What you've achieved with the washes and zenithal basecoat is totally mindblowing! I've started value high more personal approaches to smooth blendings and clinical, matted down colour schemes.

    This one is one of your many breakthroughts and there's more to come mate!