Monday, May 28, 2012

A Peek Under Old Man's Hood

If you are wondering how Job manages to move around without any legs, here's a little peek under his ragged sack...

The man is basically kept alive by his Anti-Gravity Chasis. The Chasis also works as a power source for the rest of the little machines plugged into his spine and viscerals by Adeptus Mechanicus many decades ago.

This is what Punk Moth is all about - extra detailed backgrounds which are more or less obscure...


  1. Impressive!

    I love how the flesh melds into the archaic bionics. :)

  2. Beautiful illustration and wonderfully done description.

  3. Incredibly imaginative.

  4. Nasty details huh?
    Where's the urination pipe then? It could be dragged on the base or just hang - you could add some nasty yellowish fluid under it :>

    1. There's the Waste Dispose Pipe leading from Job's side to the Anti-Grav Chasis. Most of the excrement Job produces is used to fuel some minor part of his delicate machinery, leaving only handful of it left. There's A small hatch for this un-recycqble fuel where it can be removed and dashed away... ;)

      You know I'm just making this up while having my dinner :D

    2. Rrrright - I give you that smartass ;)

  5. Thank you guys for your comments! I thought that the mini didn't show all the potential there could have been shown from this arcaic relic, so I decided to sketch the rest...