Monday, May 07, 2012

=]The Retinue [=

The Holy Order Of Blind Rage

"Eyesight can be deceitful, that is why I don't  need it. 
I only follow the guiding light of the Emperor to lead me in battlefield. 
Kill The Heretic!!!

The Flames Of Destruction

"Shall the enemies of the emperor turn to ashes before his holy rage
The sacrifice I'm about to make is just a small prize to pay for salvation of my eternal soul
Burn The Witch!!!

The retinue is beginning to form ...

We Ask Only To Serve 
Adore The Immortal Emperor!!!

++ End Of Transmission ++


  1. Just lovely paint. Bring these characters to life in a wonderful way! Love those quotes too.

  2. Very cool! Love how the retinue is coming along - keep up the great work!

  3. Lovely paint work. I really like the colour on the shock whips.


  4. Once again - great atmosphere and unique conversions :) I really like that big ball-chain combo. It looks very absurd, something that a lunatic madman could easily use for making heretics looking like organig porridge!


  5. What a way to finish 'em bro! The way you've used the restricted palette is something I really like. They both have subtle hint of Mr. Blanche's style, yet they gush your signature style; blatantly dirty ART. Sweeeet!

  6. Cheers guys!
    If one is lucky enough to be able to see Mr.Blanche's painted miniatures live, he is then forever doomed in trying to capture that look into his own miniatures!

    Yes, this time I really tried to use very restricted palette. handful of Citadel inks mainly. So exited about this Inq28 thing right now! (We have big plans for this little project;)