Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Red Corsair - Get Bulky | WIP I

Here's a small update on my current progress with the Red Corsair project...

After being satisfied by the pose, I started cutting, filing and cleaning up the bits for the conversion stage. I use greenstuff while sculpting because I'm fond to its consistency and rather lazy to try out other materials.

I started working on the legs and chest area, giving them more of that much needed bulkiness. The chest is now a bit bigger than it used to be, but still not enough bulky in my opinion. I'll work on that later. The waist is also way too thin at the moment and needs another round of the greenstuff - or maybe a narrow batten made out of the plasticard.

And here's the power hook in process. I decided to remove part of the plasticard shielding the hook to reveal more of the machinery powering the arm. Two long green strings are small cables still waiting for binding.

I use my thumb nail both as a palette when painting minis and as a base for the modeling putty while sculpting. The nail is always close to what you're working on with and hence very optimal place for these kinds of things.


  1. He is looking good thus far! It is nice to see him bulking up. Your GS work is very nice an smooth, in addition to using your fingernails, do you use any other tools?

    1. I use three different clay shaping tools, metal headed sculpting tools, small drill, fingers, spit, water and, of course, needle.

      For larger flat areas I use my fingers to spread and level the putty, giving it the rough shape to work on.

      To give the putty a nice smooth surface, use water or spit to smoothen it.

  2. Hmm.. so, you took terminator arms cut off it's shoulder part and glued a "regular" hand to it?.. interesting..
    as of your work - it is great and you keep inspiring me to make myown true-scale sm ))

    1. Yes, that way the arm gets the nice bulky feel to it. Termies shoulder pads will also boost the effect later on...