Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Brotherhood of Steel

My Squat force has now reached the point where I have managed to get the troop choices ready and painted. As you all surely know, this is also the most boring part when new army is started. Row after row of foot soldiers who all look very much alike. I have proceeded with great speed and it has been a great fun all the way!

But before I start converting any more miniatures, I must first just sit back and start to work on the background story for these guys.

Where do they come from? How did they managed to avoid from the fate that met their brothers?? To who they hold they grudge now??? Lots of questions that need answering…

The great thing about army projects is the fact that they last for long periods of time. After every new character / squad there should be enough time to really think that what needs to be added next. I don't want to rush things and I need to check all the newly released plastic kits for good parts etc...

Tactical Squad #2
[missile launcher, plasma, sergeant with storm bolter]

Devastator Squad
[4x heavy bolters]


  1. I love yer space stunties. Can you share with us your overall vision for the force?

    1. Cheers!
      You just wait, so many cool things coming up ;)

  2. I just love this project. They look great Mikko - only suggestion would be a strategic wash with sepia to draw out the celtic designs on the armour.
    There's an article about abhumans in the latest WD. Squats are still kicking:

    1. Thanks Jeff!
      Maybe I should give that sepia wash a try;)
      And that's great news man ;)

  3. I like that the paint job is so minimalistic, it underscores the Squats' dour and no-nonsense character.

    I am very keen on how this project will unfold from here...

    1. Cheers Jimmy!
      glad you like the paintjob ;)

  4. these capture them fantastically, love how they've been put together and as others have said, the paint job captures a certain grim edge to them beautifully.

    1. Thank you Jessica!
      I chose style that I knew was not for everyones likings;)
      So glad you have understood my vision pretty well ;)

  5. Mikko. These three squads are just amazing. I really like how the tactical squad leaders have so much character while the squads are just faceless ranks. I really like the targeters on the Devastators and the skull banner! This is so so good.

    I think they need a lowered rhino transports vehicle. A full sized one would look odd...especially for the driver. It would be like Short Round in Indiana Jones...wooden blocks on the pedals.

    I am really hoping you are going to turn the Gyrocopter and Gyrobomber into Landspeeders and Stormtalons respectively. But you will need to do some head swaps on the pilots. Thumbs up!

    The squad leaders have the most perfect blonde hair. What colours did you use?


    1. Thanks Peter!
      Lowered Rhino transports sound like a great idea!
      that blonde colour -
      Tamiya light blue base coat
      then brushed with sunburst yellow
      washed with graveyard earth
      highlighted with bleached bone
      something like that;)