Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nordic Challenge, The Summary

Hi ya! So, the first Nordic Challenge was, and went. Here's a short summary from the event...

As we both, okkiW and I, live in Helsinki at the moment, we thought that it'd be a good idea to drive Hämeenlinna and back on both days, after all Hämeenlinna is only about 100 kilometers away from Helsinki. On Saturday we thought to just drop in our entries for the competition and socialize the rest of the day. It was a damn shame that we decided to skip the Scale Modeler's Christmas Party. It'd have been nice place to get new contacts and friends from the hobby scene.

On Sunday we even participated on couple of workshops. The first one was kept by Mr. Pekka Nieminen, who's a spectacular Finnish sculptor and modeler. Mr. Nieminen's workshop consisted, surprisingly, sculpting and modeling historical figures. The second workshop was kept by the Norwegian diorama virtuoso Mr. Per Olav Lund. Too bad we missed the third lecture kept by Mr. Adam Wilder from USA.

Anyways, both of the workshops that we were able to participate were excellent and superb. I learned a lot from them, at least what comes to the clothing wrinkles and the metal wearing effects. The "Why didn't I come up with that" effect was imminent :D

Exhibition's Scale Model Contest was very strict as there were so many great models and splendidly painted figures. We did participate on "Fantasy Figures 55mm and larger" competition category with our Chaos Dwarf of Tzeentch project. I also thought to give my Harboth Orc Hero a chance in "Fantasy Figures 54mm and smaller" category.

Well, we didn't win any medals but got Commended for both of the figures. Of course that was a bit of disappointment but considering the overall quality of the competition (there were over 400 models after all), getting Commended was a pretty good achievement. Maybe next time we'll see something more shiny!

So, that's the summary from Nordic Challenge 2010, from our point of view. Sorry for lack of photos, I'll try to unload my camera this evening and put some shots from the event as soon as possible.

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