Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Skinned Fimir

Today was especially interesting day. Helsinki is covered by a small blizzard. It was quite funny to listen Bolt Thrower from iPod and scratch car windows from the frost at the same time the wind is whirling spiky snow flakes, horizontally, straight to your face... Yay!

I finally managed to get my tools out of the closet and start painting. I promised to okkiW to paint this bust of Fimir as soon as possible. Here's the first set of pics from this gig!

Fimir skin is usually painted in greenish or brownish but I thought that I'd try something different in here. We're planning to put this Fimir in winter scheme and there for it'd be a good idea to use somehow cold colours all the way. Well, here I decided to use some browns and yellows together with some purple and bluish colours and I must say, I'm pretty satisfied by the outcome.

What comes to the colour scheme and "old granny" look, I got a lot of inspiration from Roman a.k.a Jarhead's (Massive Voodoo) WIP Schell Bust. I really like the way Roman treats his miniature projects. His style is artistic yet very professional and controlled. This isn't the first time I've taken some ideas from that fellow's works ;)

Hopefully I'll get this done before next weekend's Unofficial Helsinki Figumeeting, where bunch of fellow miniature painters gather together to talk about the hobby and give ideas for future/ongoing projects. So, catch you later!

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