Friday, November 19, 2010

Shaping the Monster

I am a big fan of izeColt's drawings. He seems to have this weird talent, to make the images appear just if they have been drawn 30 years ago when (in my opinion) fantasy art was at its best! Influences from Blanche, Miller etc. are visible of course, but in very subtle way. The characters in the drawings still appear very original and they are very inspiring stuff!

I could not have been more happier, when izeColt suddenly e-mailed me this wonderfull sketch for this Fimir character! As soon as i saw the drawing i was convinced that this thing would rock! At first, i had some doubts about how to make the Fimir look mean and sinister without looking somehow ridiculous=) But izeColt really nailed this thing and my doubts just vanished immediately!

Inspired by the drawing, i quickly collected my tools and Sculpted this small bust. I tried to make the sculpt to follow the original drawing as closely as possible. The bust is sculpted with Super Sculpey Firm.


  1. Very nice! Some how it look's like Fimir monster from Hero Quest.

  2. Maybe that's because it is a fimir?

    Nice work always. Ah fimirs, ah Hero Quest, ouh the memory lane...

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! Hero Quest's Fimirs do look kind of silly in my opinion, but damn that's a good board game!

    It's a shame that Games Workshop is no longer supporting these ancient monsters as I find their background very fascinating.