Monday, February 14, 2011

Excuses & Demonic Blades


It has been a long time, since posted here last time. But i have not been wasting my time you know=) Lately i have been hauling lots of new tools to my collections. I recently bought an airbrush and spray booth, i also got some sculpting tools and materials, so i am more than ready to start my Lemminkäinen as soon as i got the sketches drawn=)!!

But back to business:

I managed to skecth down some ideas about the sword of Lemminkäinen.
This is what The Kalevala tells about the sword:

" He took his own sword
snatched his fiery blade
refined among the demons
ground among the gods;
to his side he binds it
thrust it into the scabbard"

So, as The Kalevala describes, the blade seems to be Demonic one.
I wanted to display the demonic nature of the blade by introducing short saw-edge to other side of the blade. I also added some symbolic messages to the fittings of the sword, that refer to the deeds of the Lemminkäinen.


  1. whoes the rat and whoes the spike ??????????

  2. 'think we are both rats, that were born with spikes =)

  3. of course i should like to do a second vol of ratspike but just bi myself this time - now was i the rat or the spike ?????

  4. Excuse me now...Is this "J.B" the very same J.B that did THE BOOK back in the day??? In that case i think you are definitely the other one ;)

  5. yup tis me - i always assumed i was the rat - born in the year of the rat and ian had spikey hair - no second vol yet but keep your eyes on BL publishing this year - keep up the good work yourselves .....

  6. Thank you a thousand times mr.Blanche!
    Words could not describe how honoured we are to have you here!!

    We will keep our eyes on the BL publishing for sure!

  7. Cheers J. B.! Ratspike has had a major influence in both us and in our artistic visions. The tome basically build the Warhammer universe in my mind back in the early 90's.

    So was it the jungle drum that brought you here?

  8. no drum - tears of envy - also look at spyglass asylum ......

  9. Oh! just checked, that i have also born in the year of the rat!(1984) funny coincidence...