Saturday, February 26, 2011

Moodboarding Gaga

I've finally settled in my new apartment. I hate moving, it's one of the most irritating thing I know. This was the fifth time in the past two years, so in some pesky way I've got used to it. Me and my fiancee tend to joke that maybe we should start our own business that handles moving.

Amidst the chaos me and okkiW have changed a couple of phone calls and talked for long hours, mainly about our current projects and the hobby in general.

Mikko is a bit occupied with his latest sculpting project, The Lemminkäinen, so there's very little time for his other projects. His latest sculpt, Pirato Captain Gaga, has been standing in the undercoat for a good time now, so I thought to lend my helping hand to okkiW and asked him if I could paint this beauty.

To tell you the truth, I've secretly been raring to get my hands on that sculpt, after all, it's the best one from okkiW so far. Lucky me, Mikko told me that it would be nice if I could paint her, so the deal was on!

I thought to start my task with a moodboard. Doing so I started gathering images around the web, pictures of things that will inspire me when painting the Captain.

I have a bit of a bad habit to pick up shots of painted miniatures when making moodboards. In this case, I took couple of pictures of John Blanche's Femme Militants painted by Jakob Rune Nielsen. Nielsen's painting style is something I really like, it's very clean and harmonic, but still somehow very edgy - I love those Chaos Warrior regiments! I'm aiming to have the same kind of colour scheme Nielsen has used in his Femmes, so it was natural for me to put those ladies in my source of inspiration.

Lady Gaga's picture is there to remind me of what is the seed of this projects. I'm not a big fan of her (my son is), but I think I can manage my daemons. That picture of Gaga is great though, I really like the pose and her shoes, which remind me of the captain's high heels.

But what is Marilyn Manson's face doing there??? Well. his make-up and eyes will be giving some edge for the Pirato Captain.

So there we go. The overall feeling of the Captain is going to be murky, grim and edgy (as usual). I'm really looking forward for the painting process, so without further words, to the painting station!


  1. OOooh! Looking good!!
    I was very happy when izeColt asked me, if he could paint this model.
    Kari is amazing painter and i'm sure that he will turn this sculpt into life with his painting skills!

    I like the moodboard very much, Captain Gaga was heavily inspired by the Blanche's artwork, looking it now, it almost looks like the one last missing Femme Militant;)

    I can't wait to see it painted!

  2. Thinking of the devil... Just few days ago I was thinking that I should come and ask you guys that when are we going to see more Gaga and here you are moodboarding :D


  3. forgot to add but where could i buy a gaga ?????

  4. (Hmm, it's listing me as anonymous. Oh well. I'm Eino/Day anyway.)

    I'm pretty envious of Kari, I _knew_ I should have bashed you on the head with the box and ran away with the sculpt when you brought it to the meeting!

    Ah well, one can always hope that there will be Gaga's for sale one day. :)

  5. There will be Captain Gaga miniatures for sale in the future!

    The original sculpt is standing over 90mm tall and the sculpt is quite complex and therefore very hard to cast.
    However, i'v been thinkin that how about, if i resculpt this character in 40mm scale?
    and then make moulds from the master.
    How about that??
    This could be VERY good practice for me. Maybe i chanche the pose a bit too,i dont know yet..Better start arranging this right away!

  6. yup go for it - but 32mm please ......

  7. Indeed! Every WH40K army needs some gaga treatment. Hmm maybe a human mercenary for my corsair-type eldars or or...