Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lost In The Warp

Hiya! It's been a quite while since my last entry for the "Spikey". I've been a bit busy with the Finnish bureaucracy lately, filling up forms and stuff. Yeah, I got sacked from my job and now I'm just spending my precious "free time" looking for a new job... and painting miniatures!

That's right, now that I'm off from the everyday strenuous treadmill I've actually been able to paint a bit more than usually (which still isn't enough). Of course our little snotling is still taking the major piece of my usable free time chart pie, but still it's a refreshing feeling to be actually able to do something creative.

I'm currently working with my Emperor's Children and I'm almost done with the first five of those little sons of Slaanesh bitch. I'll be adding some pics when the fifth is done. I still have to build up the sixth to match the Slaanesh sacred number six in the squad head count.

So here's a short heads up from the Warp! Back to the portable painting station, a'hoy!