Sunday, June 05, 2011

Black Sunday

The creature moved with deadly speed, leaping trough the cracky ground with ease.
Jester followed, as the beast slaughtered its way trough the mercenary warband like machine of death. To her, it seemed like some daemon from other world.

Then she realized that the beast had spotted her.
Only thing she could see anymore was the singular eye that the creature had...
"Fool! use your magic girl!!!" The Captain had sound of desperation in his voice.
Leap after leap the thing was closer, but Jester couldn't bring any spell in to her mind.

The things started to look very bad...


  1. Little to dinosaur looking legs, they should look more like in this.

  2. I'd have to agree, they're a little too lizard-like. Still, it's a fimir, so I'm not going to whine too much.

  3. Uh edit;)
    So do I, buuuuut it could br less lizard-like.

  4. Indeed. If you are following the classic fimir physiology, then the legs need to lose the reverse knee joint.

    If not, well, go crazy, it looks like it's going to be an exciting model either way.

  5. Nice legs :) hope to see the upper part :)

  6. Well hello there everyone!

    We did talk about the legs when izeColt was doing the initial designs.
    For some reason we liked the idea of "reverse" joints=)....maybe because John Bauer artwork.. hard to explain really.

    In the end, although we DO respect the old design,,but i think that NOTHING is fully holy to the rats of the spiked clan=)

    It is our interpretation afterall.
    But i promise you, that the rest will be pretty much classic Fimir stuff....with a little twist ,)

  7. So Your Duty is to cast it for all Fimir fans:D
    Can't wait to se it done!

  8. My duty eh!?=)
    But to be honest with you guys, i would love to provide all the Fimir fans out there with a decent kit.
    I been thinking about a kit, that would not just include the monster but a head/tail/ arm options for different(hero,mage,warrior) versions too.....
    but that would happen after this first the distant future...and if i could get enough requests from different people=)

    but that would NOT be called Fimir but a "one eyed swamp monster" remember that ;)

  9. Ok i will buy such kit:D You could make smaller ones without armor, medium with armor and massive ones for noble and heroes, also mage kit would be great! Then all fimir fans could build fimir army:D YaaaaaY:D

  10. Uhhhg not a fimir..... "one eyed swamp monster" army ;D

  11. Well, I'll sign up to a pre-order for your 'one-eyed swamp monster' right now. If you are considering variants, which is a stupendous idea, my vote would be for specialists like musicians, standard bearers, possibly a horned mage, and a female hag fimir?

    I know I'm all over this post, but this has me quite excited. I'll be like a stalker on this blog from now on.

  12. To be (boringly) realistic here. A multipart kit with just two options (2 tails, 2 heads, 2 weapon hands + main body) would already make 7-part kit!

    Steve could tell us something about casting costs but i'm guessing that kit like that would probably be ridiculously expensive!!

  13. The obvious point there would be to make 2 bodies as well (or put two of the same in the set). Then it's an 8 part kit that makes 2 instead of a 7 part kit that makes 1.

  14. I see!
    That sounds much more smarter!=)
    It would be so cool to design some multipart stuff...

  15. That looks great! Now that I watched the pic again I noticed the profile of the claws is too round. Take a look at Ransu's nails. The profile should be more like an upside down drop shape.

  16. I too think there is some problems with the anatomy of the legs. First there is the hip, then knees, then heels (kantapää) and the ball of the leg (päkiä). The problem for me is that the bone structure of the ball is what is usually found in the heel. The toes should start from the ball. Now you have an extra instep (jalkapöytä) between the ball and the toes. Again you can use Ransu's back legs as a reference. Even a "reverse knee" leg has the same structure. It's just that the heel looks like a knee. Of course this is all just what is in the real world. Going too far from it will result in an unnatural look. In my opinion a fimir should have a natural look. But I'm in no way an expert in fimir anatomy ;)

  17. I must agree with Santtu in this case. The reversed leg part looks a bit silly at the moment.

  18. Ooooooohhhh.... pretty! I would agree with not having reversed joints, but looking nicely gringly at any rate. Excited about seeing further up!