Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rats And Skulls, On Paper...

We don't really want to keep Spikey only place to show you some nasty looking miniatures. No, we want it to be much more than that. We want it to be a place where we can share our visions and tell the stories that flow in our minds. Sometimes it's quite hard to put those thoughts into words (especially into English ones) so I'll try another way this time.

Today I'll share couple of my resent mindless pencil drawings with you. Sometimes I just feel like sitting down on a sofa, relax and draw something that just pops into my mind. This time I thought to scratch something about Spikey.

"Creeping Spiky Rat"

This one was my first attempt to draw our blog's logo for a t-shirt. Yeah, We're planning to have some sort of cool t-shirts to "promo" our crazy blog. My vision was to have two spiky and bony rats climping on a grotesque, fleshy skull.

Too bad I ended up drawing only one rat (D'OH!). Other than that, I'm quite happy with the result. Maybe I'll give this one another shot in the future... adding another rat, of course... and maybe a runoff candle sticking from the skull... and some more SPIKES!

"Rat Jacks"

Now this one's a weird piece. I played with the idea of mixing playing card layout with two Skaven'ish heads, with one chaotic horn each, making the whole thing look a bit like the Ying Yang symbol. This image also symbolizes our co-operation, where we design figures together, the ones which Mikko then sculpts and I finally paint.


  1. That "Creeping Spiky Rat" design is just so awesome!

    It would make great logo for our blog=)

    That "Rat Jacks" is little too Skavenish for my taste.. Although idea about those playing cards is great!

  2. I agree with Okkiw. And that first rat needs some spikes on his head and neck too.

  3. Like the logo. No problems with it having one rat on it. I know it's a rat pack which suggests more than one but everyone wearing a t-shirt with it on is one member of the pack, therefore one rat is fine. And the design is really nice.

  4. That's it!!! brilliant idea!
    one rat is enough!